Zohreh Sadeghi India and Beyond

A reflection on my life

I have been in India for the past couple of weeks now and been so happy ever since I arrived. Today I got to thinking about life, my happiness and myself and why it is that I feel so happy when I’m here. What is it about this land that makes me forget about everything in life and just enjoy the moment? Why is it that I can’t get enough of this land? Why is it that I could be so happy here and not as happy when in Los Angeles? Yes the two places are completely different but they do have some things in common, they are both big, crazy and over populated and it’s always a hassle getting from point A to B. So why is it that I can’t feel the same happiness when I’m in LA?

I came up with some answers, a few that explained why I feel the way I do. First and foremost I think I have absolutely no expectations from my life when I’m here and none of myself. When I’m here expectations are out the door and instead I have experiences, real life changing experiences on a daily basis. Every time I come here I let go of everything and I live my life day by day, I go with the flow. I think that’s one of the main reasons I’m so happy here cause when we have expectations from someone or somewhere there’s always a possibility of being disappointed. But when we go into anything without having any expectations at all, we will never be disappointed. Disappointment is one of the key factors leading to unhappiness in my mind.

Second I take India for what it is, all of it, I accept it with all my heart and see the beauty even in its flaws. I accept it all and don’t want to change any of it. I haven’t accepted LA for what it is; I haven’t truly opened my heart to the city even though I thought I had. I see the flaws in LA and they bother me and I can’t get myself to accept them but why? My whole body rejects LA whereas my whole body welcomes and accepts India with warmth and love.

It is of course true that we feel different in different cities, some cities we just connect with and feel at home in and others not so much. I don’t like LA but that shouldn’t matter or wouldn’t matter if I were truly content inside, I should be able to be happy anywhere, right?

I did find some answers but not all of them, all I know is that I love it here, I would live here if I could, live a simple life here in India for the rest of my life. Life is simple here, not easy but simple. There’s a distinct difference, this country is quiet challenging and there are number of factors that challenge you on a daily basis but there’s always an easy solution to it all: give in and let go! That’s the main principle that rules this country, if you give in, it will all eventually figure itself out and you’ll get your answers. In some ways I think that’s the answer to all the challenges life throws our way no matter where we are. Learning to let go might be the hardest challenge of all but the most rewarding as well!

I still don’t have all the answers, but do we ever?!

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