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My poor little Rabbit is hurt.

I got into a car accident a few days ago, not an awful one just a minor crash. I still felt the impact from the accident on my neck and shoulders and I’m still in pain and sore even 4 days past the accident. I was driving alone in the rain when I all of a sudden got hit from behind, it’s never a pleasant feeling. I wish I could say this was my first accident but unfortunately this was the third time in my life I got rear ended. First time was the worst, I was 18 years old and was given a brand new car, my very first car as a birthday present from my amazing parents. I was driving to see my boyfriend at the time, all excited and happy when I all of a sudden got hit. It was terrible, my car was totaled, I was in bed unable to move for weeks, it was just a mess. I luckily survived the accident, it was pure luck cause the other car, a big giant Ford Explorer, had hit me so hard that my car was completely destroyed and I am so thankful I had no one in my backseat or else…

Anyhow this accident was a smaller one, my car still got damaged, my beautiful little Rabbit that I’ve had for years now and wouldn’t change for the world. I was pissed and really frustrated once it happened. But I tried to keep cool and not get angry at the guy who had hit me. He was so nervous and stressed out. His car was brand new, he didn’t have full coverage on his insurance and I felt so bad for him. The moment I saw a car seat in his car I knew I had to be nice to him, he was a father after all.

I was contacted by both insurance companies and was asked if I wanted to sue or a get a lawyer by my own insurance company. I initially thought I should do it so I could make enough money to get my car fixed, get a rental and get physical therapy sessions. But something inside of me didn’t agree with it. I kept remembering the guy’s face and how stressed out he looked when the accident had happened. I kept remembering how he didn’t have coverage to fix his own car and had I decided to sue he would be in a bigger mess than he already was with his insurance. I couldn’t get myself to do it so I decided against it. No lawyers for me. I’m happy as long as my car is fixed. God knows I could use some extra cash right now but I don’t want it this way, not at someone else’s expense.

So here I am dealing with the logistics of a car accident, it’s never fun, rather annoying indeed. Lots of phone calls and lots of sitting around waiting for people to get things done or show up to tow your car which is what I’m doing precisely at this moment, waiting for a tow truck that was supposed to come over an hour ago. I guess this is life, these annoying obstacles are meant to teach us patience as well as compassion not only towards ourselves but for other human beings as well. After all how would our world look without compassion? Without patience and understanding?

So I sit and wait…


I’ve always loved u for being such a human(patient,compassionate & understanding)& I wish there were more human beings like u in our world,but unfortunately we see less & less these days.;*

Posted by Golrokh on 26 November 2012 @ 1pm

Goli thank you my love, your comment made me smile and sad all at the same time. I know what you mean, we unfortunately see less and less compassion every day and it’s worrisome. There’s although a part of me that still has hope in the human race :)

Posted by zohreh on 27 November 2012 @ 7pm

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