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Coconut oil story

So my auntie had a small jar of organic coconut oil we had bought together, I told her to get it so she could cook with it for my little cousins. Last week I came to her house and she asked me if coconut oil evaporates if it’s just sitting somewhere, I was shocked by the question and for a second doubted my aunt’s intelligence but then realized that couldn’t be it, this woman always graduated top of her class and was one of the smartest people I knew. So I asked her why she would think that. She showed me the jar, it was almost empty, there was maybe a teaspoon left on the bottom. She said she hadn’t really used it since the day we had bought it, she just put in the cabinet and forgot about it. Weeks later she remembered she had coconut oil so she went to grab it and found the jar almost empty.

We stood there for a few minutes trying to come up with possible scenarios that would explain the almost empty jar, we had nothing! We went back and forth, she said she had asked her husband if he had been using it and the answer was negative. I suggested maybe my grandpa was secretly using it, well that was a ridiculous suggestion so we both laughed. And my two little cousins? No way, they wouldn’t even know what it was! So we never came up with an answer. The mystery remained.

Today I went to her house and she told me she had solved the puzzle and had indeed found the coconut oil thief. A few days ago my aunt called my little cousin Arya to go upstairs so she could help him with his homework. He ran upstairs and sat down in front of my aunt with greasy hands that left marks on his book. My aunt was shocked and asked him about the oil on his hands. He confessed there and then. All this time he was in fact the one stealing coconut oil! He loved it so much he would go to the cabinet everyday with a little teaspoon (or sometimes just his fingers) and would eat a spoonful right out of the jar. And he was afraid to tell his mom cause he thought he’d get in trouble for it, he usually gets in trouble for eating things that are too tasty, of course!

I have never met another child who enjoys eating oil by itself, well I don’t think I have even met an adult who likes doing that! Who does that? Well Arya I guess…

I thought this was such a cute story not to share! I’m spreading my Ayurvedic ways one household at a time or one small child at a time I should say :)


Yoyo does that!!! But generally only with olive oil, but he LOVES it.

Posted by alysha on 9 November 2012 @ 2am


Posted by Sadaf on 9 November 2012 @ 6am

Haha Alysha that’s awesome, I think olive oil is tasty but coconut oil? It’s just too strong and intense!

Posted by zohreh on 16 November 2012 @ 1am

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