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Counting the days

I know I haven’t written for a while mainly because I’m basically doing the same things as I was since I arrived here. Plus I barely get any free time to relax, my days start at 6 AM and end by 9 PM. I’m still in Koh Samui enjoying my retreat, taking in the sun (and rain at times), and meeting some wonderful people from all around the world. I finished my 14 days of fasting with a fresh bowl of papaya, it was delicious and it felt really good eating solid food once again. I continued eating papaya twice a day for 2 days after that and on day 17 I started eating real food and by that I mean Kicheri or Kichdi (it’s an Indian food similar to rice porridge with some vegetables and spices) for lunch and a mung bean soup for dinner. I feel great eating the way I do right now, my body and mind both feel so much lighter. I’m just doing lots of meditation, chanting, Pranayama and Yoga plus taking a course in Ayurveda. I have 3 more days left of my program and then I’m off to Bangkok for a very special family reunion.

I’ve been counting the days for the past 2 weeks because I cannot wait to be surrounded by my family. I’m so grateful that they’re all taking time off to come see me, it really means a lot to me. While I’ve enjoyed my one-month retreat here in Koh Samui, I felt lonely at times especially at the beginning. So seeing my family is gonna be a great change, my mom, dad, sister, brother are all coming plus my best friend Julie and my aunt and her entire family including my most favorite kids in the world, my 2 little cousins.

3 more days and I’ll get to hug every single one of them! I can’t wait!


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