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Yoga and detox in Koh Samui

I have made my decision regarding studying in India for 2 more years and have already accepted the admission letter. I hope I made the right decision, I guess I wouldn’t really know until the program starts. I have a feeling this is exactly what I was meant to do all along but just got me a little while to work up the courage and accept it. After my decision was made I decided to take a little break from India and come to Thailand. As much as I love India, I was beginning to get tired of traveling on buses, trains, and eating the same kind of food everyday. I thought why not take a break and go somewhere I already know I love and do some Yoga and cleansing.

So here I am on the island of Koh Samui (not my favorite island in Thailand but it’s pretty nice). I decided to sign up for a detox program at one of the retreat centers here in Samui. Traveling non-stop for the past 2 months, eating mostly at restaurants left me feeling so sluggish. I felt like my digestion system was suffering from all the crap I was putting in it. There were days that I just couldn’t handle anymore Indian food so I would just end up snacking eating biscuits, crackers, chips, nuts, etc. I’m sure you all know what that could do to your body, putting junk in your system instead of anything substantial with any nutritional value is just not good for the body. I chose my snacks carefully I must say, raw nuts, baked chips, whole-wheat digestive biscuits, but eating even healthy snacks instead of real food is not good.

Thailand was my answer. I arrived here on July 1st and started my detox 2 days later. I wanted a rigorous program with lots of Yoga and that’s exactly what I got. In order to cleanse my system and give my digestion a rest I’ve decided to fast for 14 days. I’m currently on day 12 and what I’m allowed to have everyday consists of 2 coconuts waters, 2 wheat grass shots, 2 green vegetable juices, 1 carrot juice, 1 miso vegetable broth plus probiotic pills, herbal pills, and shakes made with bentonite and psyllium. I practice meditation and breath work every morning with the wonderful teachers here at the retreat, followed by a 90 minute Yoga class that basically kicks my butt especially since I’m not really eating anything. My other Yoga class is in the afternoon which is gentler and lasts only an hour. And while I’m not doing Yoga or taking herbs and drinking juices, I read. I’ve been reading non stop for the past few months, I guess that’s the benefit of traveling so much, having so much time on planes, trains, buses and hotel rooms. I finished 6 books in one month so I’m constantly buying books and once I’m done with each book I leave it for someone I had befriended at the last location I was at. I have given away many books already and have received a few from people as well.

While I love reading and writing on my blog occasionally, I cannot simply do it for a whole month. I’d go crazy. I’m not staying at Chaweng, which is a crowded and touristy beach here in Samui but rather at a very remote beach where the closest little super market is a 30-minute walk. So there’s really not much to do on this island except for meditation, Yoga and Pranayama. In order to fill my time a little I decided to sign up for an Ayurveda retreat that’s luckily coming up in a few days. It’s a 2-week retreat in which I will review some of the material I already know and learn some new stuff. I’m looking forward to it very much not only because it will fill my days but also because I’m truly passionate about learning as much as I can about Ayurveda. I gave my first Ayurvedic consultation here on the island to a lovely girl I met here at the resort. I had a 2 hour consultation with her and then I reviewed my notes and books at night and gave her a full Ayurvedic prescription the next day which basically consisted of a list of oils that were good for her body and the foods she should eat more of and the ones she should avoid plus some herbs that she could add into her diet. It felt so amazing using my knowledge and putting it to good use.

I do love Thailand and I’m enjoying my days here but I have to say I miss India with all its craziness. There’s truly nowhere else like it on earth!

This is where I practice Yoga, it's a beautiful little hut facing the beach


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