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“Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose.”

Courage doesn’t just mean attempting the most difficult challenge, going to war or attending a dangerous political protest, courage means standing strong in the most difficult situations, it means being patient and pushing through the hard times. If I know of anyone who has these qualities it’s my amazingly strong sisters Sahar and Sadaf Kiani.

They watched their mom go through Leukemia years ago, they watched their mom suffer in pain and agony and they never left her side. They stood by her stronger than ever, giving her hope and courage to fight and to live. They gave their mom a reason to want to live, to want to spend more time in this world with her loving daughters. They helped their mom fight the deadly disease and rise above it as a winner. But even after she had beaten the disease, they still remained by her side; they never for a moment left her side. Attending to their mother’s needs was their first priority in life.

Parand Payandeh Azad, Sahar and Sadaf’s mom, suffered a lot even after she overcame Leukemia. She fell ill very often since her body was very weak due to constant Chemotherapy and Radiation therapies. She was taken into ER many times during the day and night. Sahar and Sadaf were both there, and if one wasn’t there at the moment, the other made sure to be by Parand’s side. They loved their mother with all their heart, they cherished her and helped her remain hopeful and keep fighting to stay alive.

After suffering for many years being in and out of Emergency rooms almost every week, Parand passed away from heart failure on Thursday night, June 2nd.

Parand was a beautiful and loving mother; she was truly an amazing human being. She had such a positive outlook on life and always carried a beautiful smile on her face. Despite getting sick a lot she never showed any sadness or sorrow on her face and remained strong no matter what. She fought with tremendous amount of courage and never gave up. I admire her, I admire her strength and I admire my amazing Sahar and Sadaf for being so courageous and strong throughout their mother’s painful journey.

I know Parand is in a better place now, a place where she’s finally at peace, a place in which she doesn’t have to worry about kidney failure, heart problems, respiratory difficulties, etc. She will always be smiling down on her beautiful daughters and watching them live their lives as strong and motivated individuals as they both are.

My heart hurts at this time for them, my heart is in so much pain and I can’t even imagine what Sahar and Sadaf must be going through right now. This devastating news hit me really hard since both Sahar and Sadaf are very close friends of mine and I adored their mom so much. I know these two beautiful and strong women will get through this but no amount of strength can help you in a situation like this. They will have to go through the grieving process and only time and patience will heal their wound. They’ve been on my mind and in my prayers ever since I received the news and I just really wanted to write about these 3 courageous women and their story.

My lovely Sahar and Sadaf I love you both very much and am so sorry for your loss. I’m here for you both, always and forever.  As Maya Angelou says: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” I will never forget your beautiful mom, Parand, because she made me feel loved every time I was around her. No one will ever forget her; her memory and her love will always live inside all of us.

Sahar, Parand and Sadaf


I’m really sorry to hear this and for their loss :(

Posted by Roshi on 8 June 2011 @ 5pm

Me too. It’s really devastating (:

Posted by zohreh on 10 June 2011 @ 6pm

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