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Loving it…

I love my life here in Kannur. I’ve been here for two and half months now, and can’t get enough of India’s wonderfulness. I’m totally shocked at how well and how quickly I adjusted to my new environment and how easily I fell in love with Kerala, I can’t yet say I’m in love with all of India since I’ve been in Kannur mainly and some other cities around here. But I do know that I will love the rest of India as much as I love it here. I have 3 more weeks left of my Ayurveda program here in Kannur and then I’m off to traveling through India visiting Ashrams and doing Yoga in Mysore and Auroville (hopefully). I haven’t made any specific plans yet, the decision to come here was a very impulsive one and one that wasn’t planned a year in advance or even 6 months in advance. I decided to come to India and 3 months later I was here. So I want to keep the spirit of spontaneity alive throughout the rest of my adventures here and go with the flow.

This first leg of my trip has been mainly about Ayurveda which I’m totally in love with and don’t think I’m going to stop studying after I leave India. But for now I want to put it on hold and shift my focus to Yoga. I’ve been doing Yoga here almost everyday and took a yoga therapy course as well but my practice hasn’t been as rigorous as I would like it to be. We spent a lot of time learning about the therapeutic aspect of Yoga postures and not as much time practicing them. Now I’m ready to push myself and really focus on my Ashtanga practice.

I get sadder and sadder as I’m approaching the end of my time here in Kannur. I definitely made a home for myself here and met so many wonderful people not only at school but also by just walking around and talking to people on the street. Kannur is a small city so you’re bound to run into the same people almost everyday especially if you’re traveling the same path everyday. Marta and I see the same people on our way to school almost everyday and they all know us and greet us with so much warmth and love. We wait in the same spot for our school bus every morning, in front of a small Chai/dairy counter; it’s a small booth that belongs to a very sweet old man. He makes some amazing Chai every morning and there’s always a long line of men waiting to taste his Chai and occasionally women stop by to buy milk or yogurt from him. We greet him every morning and buy 2 bottles of water from him just to give him business. He’s a very nice old man who’s English consists of just a few basic words such as “cool water” or “bus not come yet”. As we were waiting for the bus a few days ago Marta turned to me and said “Isn’t it strange that we’ve been seeing the same guy every morning for the past 2 months and in a few weeks we will probably never see him again in our lives.”

I’m not ready to leave Kannur but I know I have to because I have to keep moving forward in my life and I have to embark on my next adventure. But the good thing is I will be in India for a while, I have no idea how much longer since I didn’t buy a return ticket home but I know that I’m happy here and don’t want to leave anytime soon. I miss my family and friends insanely and I miss my life in beautiful San Francisco but at this present moment I don’t want to miss my life here in India, I want to live it and love every moment of it!



Enjoy every moment of it to the fullest ZZZ :)

Posted by Kamyar on 12 April 2011 @ 3pm

Thanks KK. Hope NY is treating you well, Tina told me about the move :)

Posted by zohreh on 15 April 2011 @ 5am

Keeping living and loving each and every moment you have left there. You seem so filled to the brim with life.

Posted by Chad on 18 April 2011 @ 10pm

Seize the day! :-)

Posted by Rosha on 20 April 2011 @ 5pm

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