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My poor little Rabbit is hurt.

I got into a car accident a few days ago, not an awful one just a minor crash. I still felt the impact from the accident on my neck and shoulders and I’m still in pain and sore even 4 days past the accident. I was driving alone in the rain when I all of […]

I love you Yogi tea

I’m a sucker for amazing uplifting quotes and yes I am totally one of those people who has subscribed to pages like “positive energy” and “art of living” on Facebook. Aside from reading a little poetry on a daily basis, I love spending a little time reading beautiful quotes everyday. They sometimes have a magical […]

Coconut oil story

So my auntie had a small jar of organic coconut oil we had bought together, I told her to get it so she could cook with it for my little cousins. Last week I came to her house and she asked me if coconut oil evaporates if it’s just sitting somewhere, I was shocked by […]