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Nowruz 1390 in Kannur


Iranian-Indian Nowruz

It was about 2 weeks ago when I all of a sudden realized Nowruz (Persian New Year) was just around the corner and I wasn’t going to be home to celebrate with my family. Persian New Year is all about family, celebrating with the ones you love and spending it with those closest to you. […]

Life at school

Daily life in Kannur

The overachiever-competitive-perfectionist but stress-free Zohreh has come out in India. People who know me are probably very familiar with the way I am and not at all surprised by this statement above. I never rest for a moment and I’m always on the run, constantly doing things to keep myself busy. I’ve always been like […]

Kottayam trip in pictures

You read the story and now here are the pictures as promised! (In no particular order since organizing photos on WordPress is just impossible)  

The Kottayam experience

Marta and I visited the city of Kottayam last weekend. Marta’s grandma’s nurse is an Indian lady by the name of Teresa. She’s from Kottayam but lives in Savona in Italy at the moment, she moved there about 3 years ago. She happens to be here in Kerala for a month and insisted we go […]

“There’s a power in this universe that loves you.”

I was so lucky to be able to see Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in person here in Kannur. I am absolutely in love with him, his vision, his honesty and humility. His words are so simple yet so powerful. You could see his aura and feel his energy in the space the moment he stepped […]

Wonderful Ayurveda

I’m learning so many new things everyday. I’m currently taking two courses at my Ayurveda college; one is a theory course that teaches us the history of Ayurveda, its definition and applications. My other course is a practical course in which we learn all the Ayurvedic treatments from massages to body wraps, we also learn […]

Life in Kannur

Feeling the heat

I have been suffering from this feeling of intense heat in my feet ever since I arrived here in India. When I touch my feet they aren’t hot on the outside but they feel like they’re burning on the inside. They’re completely swollen too. Nothing fits me but my sandals and even those begin to […]

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