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i dream…

I’ve been in South India in a beautiful little village surrounded by mountains for the past week doing my Ayurvedic detox or Panchakarma, a ritual I have promised myself to do once a year. It’s been an amazing experience thus far that I cannot even begin to describe in words. It’s been physically challenging but […]


Inspiration comes in many forms and from many different sources. If we open our eyes and look deeper there’s inspiration all around us in this world. If we listen a bit more carefully each day, we can hear inspiration floating around in the air. I love reading inspirational poetry and quotes on a daily basis to keep […]

A reflection on my life

I have been in India for the past couple of weeks now and been so happy ever since I arrived. Today I got to thinking about life, my happiness and myself and why it is that I feel so happy when I’m here. What is it about this land that makes me forget about everything […]

Dubai to Bangalore

I had a long 8 hour layover in Dubai. At the airport I met this woman, she was sitting next to me waiting for the same flight to Bangalore, she was Iranian and started talking to me. I had heard her on the phone earlier and she had an accent unfamiliar to me when she […]

On the way to India

I had a long and exhausting 16 hour flight to Dubai. I had a window seat and next to me sat this really cute but loud older Gujarati couple. They were sweet and immediately started talking to me. The lady barely looked at me at first and kept putting her head down and giggling as […]

My poor little Rabbit is hurt.

I got into a car accident a few days ago, not an awful one just a minor crash. I still felt the impact from the accident on my neck and shoulders and I’m still in pain and sore even 4 days past the accident. I was driving alone in the rain when I all of […]

I love you Yogi tea

I’m a sucker for amazing uplifting quotes and yes I am totally one of those people who has subscribed to pages like “positive energy” and “art of living” on Facebook. Aside from reading a little poetry on a daily basis, I love spending a little time reading beautiful quotes everyday. They sometimes have a magical […]

Coconut oil story

So my auntie had a small jar of organic coconut oil we had bought together, I told her to get it so she could cook with it for my little cousins. Last week I came to her house and she asked me if coconut oil evaporates if it’s just sitting somewhere, I was shocked by […]

Family matters

This is why I came back home…

“Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.”

I spent a magical week with the ones I love in Thailand. It was so great seeing everyone, seeing my family and my best friend. Our trip was truly amazing; we spent a few days in Bangkok and then headed over to the beautiful island of Krabi where we rented a villa with a private […]

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